Choose Your Beer Glass Advisedly

To fully detect the aromas of a craft beer we need the adapted beer glass! When you’re drinking a beer or another drink, you’re not going to take the Star Wars mug that was offered to you at Christmas for a few bucks. No, you need the right tasting glass.

A transparent glass

The glass should allow us to observe perfectly the color of the beer, its foam and its carbonization. It’s easy to find a clear, colorless beer glass.

A glass with a narrow neck

The glass should allow us to smell the aromas of the beer perfectly. The aroma is among other things very volatile, so we will prefer a glass that will tighten in his collar. Avoid drinking your beer on a plate of soup even if it is transparent.

A glass of suitable size

The container must be large enough to move the liquid and move the aromas inside. You will understand, avoid drinking in an espresso glass even if it is transparent. You must be able to get your nose into the glass without problems.

A glass on foot

It is important to have a clean glass and it is useless to have a sparkling glass if you take it with your fingers to put traces everywhere. So,you should preferably take a glass on foot. It can be handled easily without making traces and without heating the glass and its content with your fingers while having good visibility on the liquid.

A rounded glass

The glass should not have a shape with aggressive angles. Beer likes to be treated with sweetness and love. The liquid should not be obstructed in its movements and should not suffer shocks, therefore always prefer rounded shapes.

Bonus: a glass neck tightened and flared at the end

Almost all beers are lathering. Barbers have developed a system that avoids having it all over the mustache, although beer can add brilliance to the latter. The glass tightens and finishes on a flared collar. I appreciate this kind of glass, because I like having a nice thick foam.

Two beer glasses for your tasting

The classic, balloon glass. A red wine glass should fit this style.

Balloon glass

A glass a little more difficult to find that I affectionate is the tulip flared glass. A glass found in Belgium, especially in the famous “Delirium Café”.

Flared tulip glass

So much for this little explanatory. We can’t always choose the glass in restaurants and bars. It does not matter,because even in a mug we can enjoy a nice craft beer especially if it’s a Star Wars mug.

And you, what is your favorite glass?

Choose Your Beer Glass

All types of beer in the world have their own glass and we ended up no longer knowing how to find the right one! I propose here a small selection to orient you in your choice.

Brewers really like beer glasses. It is noticed right away, because everybody proposes different designs for the biggest pleasure of beer collectors. Here is a non-exhaustive list of some standard glasses that are regularly found in bars.

Tulip glass

My favorite glass, which I use to drink any type of beer.

• Its round shape allows you to spin the beer and bring out its aromas.

• The narrowing party helps to concentrate the aromas.

• Its flared collar allows you to drink your beer without being bothered by the foam! A revolution.

• To taste aromatic beers with body.

German mug

The famous mug of Oktoberfest!

• Allows to drink liters and liters!

• The round shapes along the glass and its thickness allow the beer to stay fresh as long as possible.

• Perfect for drinking refreshing German lager beers to cool off in the summer while muscling your biceps!

• To party by singing Bavarian songs in Munich in a crazy atmosphere!

Long glass

A long, slim glass that matches the style of the pilsner.

• It allows to appreciate the rise of the bubbles all along the glass.

• When it is hot condensation may appear on the glass which reinforces its appearance of freshness.

• To drink very fresh types of lager beer, light in summer when it is very hot on a terrace.

Weissbier glass

The glass of the German Weissbier.

• The glass enhances the foam that will often be left out of the glass.

• Perfect for drinking German white beers in summer.

English glass

A typical glass of English pub of simple conical shape.

• Normally completely smooth, here the glass has a protrusion that allows a good grip.

• A glass designed for real English ale, cask beers.

• No need to worry. Stout, pale ale, bitter everything is drunk in this glass.

IPA glass

It did not take much time for India pale ale to have their own glass.

• This form helps to concentrate the aromas to make us appreciate the scent of hops.

Tasting glass

The ideal glass to enjoy a craft beer.

• The long stem makes it easy to handle the glass to see the beer in the container.

• Its shape resembles tulip glass which allows a good concentration of aromas.

• The flared collar allows you to drink your beer without being bothered by any excess foam.

• To enjoy a beer with class.

Balloon glass

Rather used for wine, the balloon glass has a round shape and a narrow neck.

I like to use this glass to enjoy a beer with a friend. Its capacity is smaller, and it is perfect for pouring a 33cl bottle in two wine glasses. This form is also ideal for a tasting. There are variants of balloon glass suitable for beer with a larger container and a shorter or thicker stem.

• Its shape allows the aromas to concentrate.

• To enjoy a beer with a friend in two wine glasses.

Those are the main glasses. I will talk to you about special glasses in a future article. In the meantime, if you know of other beer glasses, share them in the comment box below!

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