5 Best European Cities For Craft Beer Lovers

In the US, Craft Beer is already a huge success, and slowly but surely, the trend towards traditional, home-made beer from small, independent breweries is also taking the European beer market by storm. Across Europe, more and more microbreweries are springing up like mushrooms, brewing delicious and creative beer. But in which 5 European cities does craft beer cause a furore? We have put together a list of destinations that leave nothing to be desired among beer lovers. So you can easily plan your next city break.


Denmark is currently one of the most promising countries brewing home-made beer with unique flavors. The capital city of Copenhagen offers beer lovers accordingly many opportunities to quench their thirst and immerse themselves in the craft beer scene. Definitely worth a visit is the pub Mikkeller Bar, run by two famous creative brewers. In cooperation with the brewery To Øl, the two also run another pub, Mikkeller & Friends. There are a selection of 40 different types of beer from breweries such as Mikkeller, To Øl and Three Floyds as well as beer from other excellent micro breweries on tap. Other popular microbreweries include Norrebro Bryghus with a mixture of brewery and restaurant.

Just outside the town lies the brewery Bryggeri Skovlyst, which delights with a restaurant in the middle of the Hareskov Forest. For those who are interested in visiting a brewery, Amager Bryghus is the place to go as it offers visitors guided tours and tastings of various beers. Beer lovers should not miss the beer festival, which takes place annually in Copenhagen. This year, interested parties should keep the period from 23 to 25 May 2019 in the calendar. The festival offers the opportunity to taste more than 800 different types of beers from more than 70 breweries from home and abroad.


Craft beer has also been on sale in Rome for several years now. So far it has not been so widespread in Italy, but the new breweries are now creating innovative creations with local ingredients such as basil, chestnuts and grapes. So Rome is the perfect place to taste unique Italian beer.

Birra + in the trendy district of Pigneto offers a variety of homemade Italian and international beers. After a tour of the charming district of Travestere, you can visit the bar Ma che siete venuti a fà, which boasts an excellent selection of the finest beers from home and abroad. Across the street is Bir & Fud, a modern bar with 36 beers on tap, including beers from the Birra del Borgo breweries, Birrificio di Montegioco and Birrificio del Ducato. Also worth a visit is the pub 4:20, which even has its own experimental beers with the brand Revelation Cat. Also worth a visit is Open Baladin, a bar in the heart of Rome’s historic center, which is one of Italy’s most influential breweries, Le Baladin.


In England, the microbrewery scene is flourishing. The country has a long brewing tradition, which is introduced to visitors on tours of breweries such as the Crate Brewery and the Meantime Brewing Company. If you’re in town on a Saturday, do not miss a walk along the Bermondsey Beer Mile between South Bermondsey and London Bridge stations. On the route, there are seven different breweries to discover, sharing six taps, including the famous Kernel Brewery.

There are also many craft pubs in town, including The Rake, Cask Pub & Kitchen, The Southampton Arms and Brewdog. The latter is part of a chain with several bars and a liquor store in London. The town even has its own craft beer festivals, Craft Beer Rising and the London Craft Beer Festival. On top of that, there’s also the London Craft Beer App for beer lovers who want to delve deeper into the craft beer scene.


Germany is world famous for its centuries-old brewing tradition. Nonetheless, it took a while for the craft beer to spread there as well. In the meantime, however, microbreweries are absolutely in fashion and enjoy great popularity, especially in Berlin. On a visit to the capital beer lovers should make their way to Wedding, because there are the Vagabund brewery with a small taproom, Eschenbräu, one of the oldest breweries in the city, and the beer shop Hopfen & Malz.

In Friedrichshain it pays off to stop by at the brewery Hops & Barley. Kreuzberg’s Markthalle Neun delights with brewery Heidenpeters beer, and Hopfenreich’s 15-tap bar is just a 10-minute walk away. In Mitte, the masterpiece with a mix of bar and restaurant offers homemade beer, bread and sausage. Visitors can also get acquainted with the area’s beer and breweries on guided tours. In mid-May you can visit the Brewfest, where excellent street food can be enjoyed as well.


Belgium and its capital, Brussels, offer connoisseurs an undreamt of opportunity with a huge selection of beers. The country with its long brewing tradition can boast more than 1000 different beers. On the Brussels Craft Beer Tour, visitors will learn interesting facts about the history and production of the beer and have the opportunity to taste 6 different Belgian craft beer varieties.

Of course, you can also explore the Belgian beer landscape on your own. In this case, visit the Cantillon Beer Museum, including the brewery, where the Belgian beer specialty Lambic is available with its unique flavor. The local brewery, Brasserie de la Senne, sells beer on-site and tours for larger groups.

The Belgian beers can also be met during a visit to the spirits store Délices & Caprices. Not only beer is sold there, but interested people can also book a beer tasting. For those who just want to relax in a good pub and enjoy a refreshing beer in peace, Nuetnigenough is just the ticket. The Bierstube delights with a fine selection of delicacies from Walloon, Flemish and Brussels breweries. We also recommend Chez Moeder Lambic Fontainas with 40 to 50 craft beers on tap and the Délirium Café, which boasts an incredible variety of over 2400 different beers.

Now what is your favorite European city when it comes to craft beers? Feel free to share in the comment box below – cheers

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