10 Reasons To Brew Your Own Beer

Brewing your own beer still sounds like rocket science to many people. What is produced by large breweries in huge steel vats and with complicated measuring devices, but an in-house production couldn’t possibly taste as good. Can it!

Brewing beer yourself is neither complicated nor does it require a lot of space or a large budget. And you do not have to do without quality anyway. You do not believe that? Here are some solid reasons why brewing your own beer is best: 

1. You know what’s inside

Malt, hops, yeast and water are part of every beer. More may not be pure, purity requirement and so on. Unfortunately, it is not quite that easy because your favorite beer from the supermarket shelf brewed in accordance with the German Purity Law of 1516 has seen far more than these 4 ingredients during the brewing and fermentation process. Polyvinyl polypyrrolidone is used to clarify the beer, protein stabilizers is used for better shelf life and sugar color is influencing the beer color.

When hobby brewing you decide by yourself, what goes in your beer. Since you do not have to consider factors such as sales figures and mass suitability,you can calmly brew beer with purely natural ingredients and without artificial aids.

2. You then have something ready in your hand 

The hissing when opening the bottle. The smell of spicy hops pouring out of the glass. The tingling on the tongue at the first sip. All this is pure luck and the reward for the hours you have invested in your bridal day.

It is not without reason that media are celebrating the do-it-yourself trend. Making something with your own hands has something satisfying, it reduces stress and strengthens your self-confidence. Then you also like to share with others. Anyone who has ever given a friend a bottle of beer with the words “I brewed that myself”, knows what that feeling is. 

3. It tastes better 

Our first attempt to brew was, to say the least, the purest chaos: The ordered in the Internet brewing kit in the 30-liter format which was difficult for beginners to use and the brewing instructions were anything but clearly formulated. Nevertheless, the result literally knocked us over – not only because we had accidentally brewed the beer too much. Despite all the inconsistencies in the brewing process, it tasted fantastic! For one thing, that was probably because it was OUR beer.

A friend commented on this when testing our Brewing box: “Is it really the best beer in the world? Well,in the question I’m about as objective as a father, who considers his freshly born, still shriveled baby to be the most beautiful in the world.”Nevertheless, home-brewed beer is usually nature-cloudy, in contrast to” bare “filtered beers from the supermarket. The trub-substances in your beer increase the full-bodied, the fresh taste on the tongue and are also rich in vitamins and protein. So, when you drink natural beer in its most original form, you can taste the difference for sure!

4. You have something interesting to tell 

Beer brings people together and has a special place in our culture because of its social significance. It is almost omnipresent! Ironically, but hardly anyone knows how it’s made. Who brews his own beer, has not only a nice icebreaker in the repertoire in small talk, but also has something really interesting to tell.

Everyone can talk about the new car or signing up for the yoga class, but who knows someone who experiments with unusual hop varieties or knows the truth behind the Purity Law?

5. Brewing in the group is a great event 

Strip Club was yesterday, today you brew your own beer for a bachelor party! Brewing in the group is a grateful affair, because although it keeps you busy for a few hours, but in between there is enough time to chat, to eat preferably homemade beer treber bread from the leftover malt and already one or the other beer specialty to taste.

6. The Community 

The amateur brewing also lives from his immensely helpful community. In online forums no question remains unanswered, we use the platforms regularly for the discussion of new recipe ideas and to catch up on new trends. Local hobby brewer meetings are enjoying increasing popularity and events such as the “Craft Beer Day” in Hamburg or the “Brewfest Berlin” provide a good opportunity for exchange. If you have homemade food with you, you can get the opinion of experienced brewers without fake shame.

7. Brewing and cooking goes hand in hand 

Hobby cooks will love beer brewing! The malt left over from brewing, the “brewer’s grain”, can easily be reused for great recipes, for example for home-baked bread or burger rolls. The finished beer is perfect as an ingredient in cooking, such as dark beers in autumn stews or stouts in chocolate cake.

8. You can let your creativity run free 

Brewing in your own home is all allowed as long as the quality of the ingredients is right. We experiment a lot with ingredients that blend well with the actual beer, such as Coffee in stouts,the coffee flavors go perfectly with dark roasted malts, or orange peel in pale ale a fruity component in bitter beer.

Also, the use of vanilla pods,spices such as cinnamon, coriander and anise or in oak chips inserted in whiskey produce sometimes exceptional specialty beers beyond the mass beer unit. Of course, there are no creative limits to the naming and bottle labels of your own brew!

9. Everyone can brew beer 

We always say: who can cook noodles, can also brew his own beer. Making beer yourself is not particularly difficult, nor does it require much space or large investment. If you have a small city apartment, you can easily brew in the kitchen format. Many of the necessary utensils strainer, measuring cup, wooden spoons are already available in your kitchen. Even during the brewing process, mistakes are not the end of the world, an old saying among brewers is: “Beer will always be!”Everything you need when brewing is an eye on the cleanliness of the brewing equipment and a little patience.

10. The result makes drunk

There is nothing to add to that.

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