10 German Craft Beers That You Should Try

One beer is not like the other, which should now be clear to most folks. Some breweries simply manage to create better beer blends from the brewing kettle based on caramel and roasted malts, bitter and aromatic hops and even ingredients like fruits,nuts and herbs.

I have put together some artisan brewed beers from Germany for you, which show the craft beer genre the way – and which everyone should have tasted once in its lifetime!


Himburgs Brewery Art Cellar “Amarsi”

Above all,the name Brewery Art Cellar stands for excellent hops-flavored beer specialties. The award-winning “Amarsi” by brew-master Alexander Himburg is a pun on the two hop varieties Amarillo and Simcoe and comes up with everything you would expect from a perfect India Pale Ale: wonderfully fruity aromas and a crisp hop bitter, the sweet-and-heavy balances malt and makes the beer at 8.1 percent by volume surprisingly harmonious. In my humble opinion a world-class beer, made in Munich!

Style: India Pale Ale
Alcohol: 8,1% Alc. Vol.
Ingredients: Water, barley malt, hops, yeast


Ayinger “Celebrator”

At the Ayinger Celebrator, the juries of international beer competitions regularly get into raptures. It is considered one of the best beers in the world and,accordingly, there is virtually no price that has not cleared this substantial dessert beer yet. “Beer Pope” Conrad Seidl describes it almost poetically: “Almost black, with a very slightly reddish tone, a sensational, solid foam and a very unusual scent that first reminds of lard.The first mouthful is of mild abundance with an accompanying coffee, which is dominant in the after-taste. “I have no idea how crackling dripping smells, but still I expressly recommend this delicious beer specialty!

Style: Double Bock
Alcohol: 6,7% vol. Alc. Vol.
Ingredients: Water, barley malt, hops, yeast


Creative Brewery Kehrwieder “Prototype”

Between massively hopped India Pale Ales or malted double-bocks, classic lagers with their subtle flavors are often not easy in the craft beer universe. For many beer connoisseurs, the brewing of a well-made lager is considered “king discipline”, especially since every brewing error sticks out quickly and -in contrast to the said India Pale Ales – can’t be covered with tons of aroma hops. One man who has a firm grip on this discipline is the master brewer and former champion of beer sommeliers Oliver Wesseloh. His “prototype”of Bohemian Tennen malt is stored for seven weeks on two aroma hops and thereby develops his crisp-fresh character and fruity aromas. It’s the beer for which your industrial pils finally makes room in the fridge!

Style: Pale Lager
Alcohol: 5.9% Alc. Vol.
Ingredients: Water, barley malt, hops, yeast


Ratsherrn “Matrosenschluck”

With the”Matrosenschluck”, the Hanseatic brewers of Ratsherrn have achieved a truly extraordinary IPA. The secret lies in the use of oat malt and oatmeal.Sounds like liquid muesli? Not at all. The oat brings a full-bodied,sweet-sweetness to the beer, and a velvety-soft mouthfeel that is not achieved by barley malt. It also gives the beer a certain lightness. Paired with a hint of orange peel and the fruity-aromatic hop varieties Citra, Sapphire and Simco,this is a beer specialty that tastes like wanderlust and adventure. A beer for real sailors!

Style: Oat White IPA
Alcohol: 6.5% Alk. Vol.
Ingredients: Water, barley malt, wheat malt, oatmeal, hops, yeast


Schneider Weisse “TAP 6: Unser Aventinus”

The legendary Bock beer from “Schneider Weisse” does not have to hide because of the sheer number of international awards (for example gold at the World Beer Cup 2014). Dense aromas of cloves, prunes, coffee and ripe banana flow out of the glass, the trunk is complex and steers into a chocolaty-raisin flavor adventure with subtle nuances of rum that still retain the drink ability of a wheat beer. Does something sound aloof? To put it another way, it’s the perfect beer for a cold winter evening in front of the fireplace.

Style: Wheat Double Bock
Alcohol: 8,2 % Alc. Vol.
Ingredients: Water, barley malt, hops, yeast


Schlenkerla “Aecht Schlenkerla Rauchbier”

Granted,smoked beer is not for everyone. Often referred to as “liquid ham”,the famous Schlenkerla from Bamberg is a challenge for the untrained palate.However, those who get used to this extraordinary taste experience and gradually get used to their taste buds, despite all initial irritation, will be rewarded with a great beer that you will soon forget. This traditional Bamberger specialty is regularly peppered with prizes by gourmets and goes well with hot liver and caraway seed buns, ham bag, smoked meat, cheese, bratwurst with cabbage or solo.

Style: Smoked Beer / Märzen
Alcohol: 5.1% Alc. Vol.
Ingredients: Water, barley malt, hops, yeast


Kuehne Kunz Rosen “Kuehnes Blondes”

The style of the Belgian Witbeers pushes itself to craft brewers in this country downright: It is similar enough to yeast-wheat to pick up inexperienced beer drinkers there, but it is not subject to the shackles of the Purity Law. In addition, the character of the style is not aggressive, which is mainly due to the slender body and the spicy freshness by the addition of orange peel and coriander seeds. The Witbeer interpretation of Mainz brewery Kuehne Kunz Rosen also contains grains of paradise – a commonly used ingredient in Gin, in beer at least in this country an unknown representative. Otherwise, the beer meets all expectations of an excellent wit: it is straw yellow, naturally cloudy and slender, with typical wheat beer aromas of cloves and banana. In addition, a little acid, orange and pepper, as well as a silky soft mouthfeel, which is rounded off by the sparkling carbon dioxide. The perfect summer beer with the alternative kick!

Style: Belgian Witbeer
Alcohol: 4.9% Alc. Vol.
Ingredients: Water, barley malt, wheat malt, wheat and oat flakes, hops, spices (orange peel, coriander seeds, grains of paradise), yeast


Hopferei Hertrich – “VETO Schokobär”

The Hopery Hertrich, these are Ralph and Karin Hertrich from Feucht in the beer-spoiled Franconia. The family Hertrich, one can say, has beer in his blood: Ralph’s eldest son Daniel works in the Hamburg “Craft Beer Store” of the Ratsherrn brewery. His father-in-law was brewery manager, his younger son Michael is associated with the beer at the brewery Gutmann in Titting. Her”chocolate bear” is a deep black Imperial Stout with intense roasted malt notes that are reminiscent of espresso and strong, dark chocolate. For the rest of the description, quote from the website: “On the tongue, the chocolate bear becomes a dancing bear, because cocoa and coffee notes swell along with a soft mouthfeel and a restrained recency. In the finish, the winter-soft overall impression is completed by a gentle hop bitterness. But do not be fooled: “The chocolate bar seems to be sweet and velvety, but it can quickly send you into a hibernation with its 7% alcohol content.”

Style: Imperial Stout
Alcohol: 7,0% Alc. Vol.
Ingredients: Water, barley malt, wheat malt, barley flakes, oatmeal, hops, yeast


Schneider Weisse “TAP 5: Meine Hopfenweisse”

Another Schneider beer? Yes, because this crossover of IPA and wheat beer is an absolute highlight and shows the way to his genre. Alone when pouring the beer into your glass an explosion goes off: A whole “fruit basket” of flavors rises to the nose from banana to apricot and citrus fruits. Even a little vanilla! The suspended matter can’t be overlooked and buzzes happily around in the glass. At the onset of drunkenness, many sun-kissed fruits on the tongue, paired with a crisp hop bitterness, which is followed by a warm burning sensation in the throat – no, the Tap 5 does not mask its 8.2% alcohol content. Instead, it offers a full spectrum from sweetness to acidity, from fruitiness to tartness.This is no more the Weissbeer we are use to, this is the hell of madness!

Style: Wheat Double Bock
Alcohol: 8,4 % Alc. Vol.
Ingredients: Water, barley malt, hops, yeast


Ale-Mania “Gose Mania”

The beer specialty Gose originates – as the name already suggests – originally from Goslar and represents its own, old beer type. Typical for this beer style are the fermentation with lactic acid bacteria and the addition of table salt and coriander. Are you sceptical? Then try the interpretation of Fritz Wülfing, alias “Ale-Mania”. The man knows how to brew good beer for more than 10 years. His Gose is sour-refreshing with subtle notes of orange flanked by a touch of coriander. The finish is crisp-dry, with a slightly salty tingle. One wishes for a balmy summer evening, for which this beer is the perfect companion!

Style: Gose
Alcohol: 5,1 % Alc. Vol.
Ingredients: Water, malt, hops, coriander, yeast, table salt and lactic acid bacteria

Do you have more suggestions on German craft beers? Feel free to share those in the comment box below – thank you and cheers.

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